Day 28 — Without a Paddle, in Lake Geneva

Renting an electric boat and taking it out to lake Geneva was an extremely random event.

We only had about four hours of layover until our train left the Lausanne station for Paris, France. We had been on trains for the last 12 hours, so by now I was starving.

Naturally, we decided to hit a pub and get a burger and beer, but really anything would have sufficed at this point. We switched our cash over to Frank's so we could pay for our meal, bag storage and a taxi. We only had one mission here in Switzerland, and that was to get as close to the Swiss Alps as possible.

The clock was ticking and our stomachs were aching so we started at the first pub we found. It was a French-Canadian bar so we had to bring our lazy French-lingo back out for ordering sand salutations.

"Bonjour, I'd like a burger and fries, S'il vous plait... merci."

That's about the extent of the exchange besides a few awkward smiles and a last minute request for a Guinness.

It was one of the best burgers I had, but maybe it was just because I had been fasting for the past 17 hours.

We went out the door and started our trek downhill to get to Lake Geneva. It was absolutely gorgeous.

We renter a boat for 35 Franks, which is kind of a lot, but it needed to happen

It was strange how gigantic the mountains were. From the other side of the lake they were great beasts in the skyline. It almost looked fake, I couldn't believe where I was. The further out we got in the lake, it seemed as though the mountains were getting farther away.

The clock was ticking so we couldn't cross the entire lake. The mountains were ginormous before we decided to turn the boat around. All the while, I stayed snapping pictures while Jake drove us back to shore.

It is funny going through my photo library now. It looks like a bunch of stock images taken from a made up place. I still don't think it had set in exactly where I was that day.

In about ten days I will be back in the states remembering exactly where I was, then, with the distance between me and Lake Geneva, I can finally put into perspective just how far away I was from home.