"A Sweet Life in Paris" By: David Lebovitz

Switching up cultures is an art-form and not all people can do it with grace. David Lebovitz lays this book out in a way that practically spark notes the culture: the need to knows and the what not to do's. Fashion, language, attitude, recipes and the comical divergence of the

Paris: Day Six — Eiffel Ascension

Flipping through the iPhone's Health app I felt a sudden pulse of pride course through my body. This is probably something that fitbodies often experience after their daily workouts at the gym or morning runs; but alas, I am not a fitbody. I like to think of my body type

"A Moveable Feast" By: Ernest Hemingway

It is nice to hear the accounts of a working author first hand. Ernest Hemingway throws you right into his shoes in A Moveable Feast and tells it how it is being a writer abroad. Hemingway's knowledge was a bit comforting in this story, shedding light on his tactics of

Paris: Day Three — Eurosport Tour

Today's adventure brought us to the headquarters of the European sports broadcasting giant, Eurosport. Some might say it is Europe's version of ESPN, but it is a bit more complex than that. Eurosport serves 54 different countries and broadcasts their games and news in 20 different languages—something ESPN cannot

Wildcard Weekend

If you would of said at the beginning of the season that the Patriots, Broncos, Seahawks, Steelers and Packers would be in the playoffs it would be to no surprise; actually, it is expected. Most experts would have predicted some combination of those playoff teams; those few always heat up

Oh, Seattle! Missing the pizza and the pier

SEATTLE— Monday Night Football in Seattle seems like so long ago, but it has only been a month. Yeah, the Lions lost that game on Oct. 5 on a bad no-call. Yeah, they continue to disappoint with an abysmal 1-7 record. Yeah, new owner Martha Firestone-Ford cleaned house by firing

Lion’s hire Rod Wood as new Team President

DETROIT— Martha Firestone Ford’s nation wide talent search for a new team president has ended today with the hiring of the Michigan homegrown product Rod Wood. No, not the eleven time Pro Bowl cornerback from the Oakland Raiders. Rod Wood is a Michigan man, a graduate of non other

Deconstructing Amateurism

“I believe some day, if it's not resolved in one of the court cases or congressional order, players are not going to play the Final Four, they're not going to play one of those football games, and I want the world to tell the players they're wrong. The players control