Paris: Day Eight — All of my Louvre

It finally happened, I made it to the great Louvre museum. This palace was an absolutely comely stretch of architecture. The Louvre's mile long facade is legendary and the modern day glass pyramids in the courtyard are a spectacle to behold. The Louvre's beautiful gardens stretch hundreds of yards and in the center a great big fountain to capture the wishes of it's visitors. Trimmed shrubberies all in rows separate the multitude of mini-gardens, parks and great ancient statues.

And we haven't even stepped foot into the Louvre yet.

Entering through the glass pyramids in the Louvre's courtyard, I realized just how enormous this place was. Once underground the infrastructure split into three main directions of the Louvre's U shaped property. Naturally we went into the direction of the great beauty, Mona Lisa; I mean where else would you start? We packed into Ms. Lisa's gallery like sardines to capture a selfie in her legendary presence. After seeing Mona Lisa, I separated from the group and instantly got lost in the endless walls of the Louvre's artworks. A few times I found myself staring into the eyes of the painted subjects and wondering all about it's creation and creators.

It was truly amazing.

Hours of walking, staring and appreciating went by in a heartbeat. The only thing that helped me escape the clutches of this otherworldly museum was the rumbling of my stomach. Otherwise I could have spent the rest of my night scouring the rest of the Louvre—which we were already three hours into and not even half way through the multi-leveled historical portal into the miracles and renaissances of the past.