30 Days Wiser

Coming into this final paper I thought it might be cliché to write a reflection piece. I felt I could find a narrative more creative to talk about my adventure; a more exciting angle to verbalize the experience I gained by facing the otherworldly obstacles and trying to shed my

Paris: Day Eight — All of my Louvre

It finally happened, I made it to the great Louvre museum. This palace was an absolutely comely stretch of architecture. The Louvre's mile long facade is legendary and the modern day glass pyramids in the courtyard are a spectacle to behold. The Louvre's beautiful gardens stretch hundreds of yards and

Paris: Day Six — Eiffel Ascension

Flipping through the iPhone's Health app I felt a sudden pulse of pride course through my body. This is probably something that fitbodies often experience after their daily workouts at the gym or morning runs; but alas, I am not a fitbody. I like to think of my body type

Paris: Day Three — Eurosport Tour

Today's adventure brought us to the headquarters of the European sports broadcasting giant, Eurosport. Some might say it is Europe's version of ESPN, but it is a bit more complex than that. Eurosport serves 54 different countries and broadcasts their games and news in 20 different languages—something ESPN cannot