30 Days Wiser

Coming into this final paper I thought it might be cliché to write a reflection piece. I felt I could find a narrative more creative to talk about my adventure; a more exciting angle to verbalize the experience I gained by facing the otherworldly obstacles and trying to shed my

Rome: Day Ten Pt. 1 — Taking Dives

Last Saturday was a disappointment because of my boo-boo belly. Missing Lake Albano at the Castel Gandolfo was a huge blow, because it was something I wanted to do the whole time I've been over here in Europe. I mean, who wouldn't want to swim in this kind of weather?

Rome: Day Nine — Veni Vidi Vici

It was going to happen eventually. Who goes to Rome and doesn’t visit one of the most ancient sports stadiums in history? It’s a must see, and for very good reasons. The stadium seats 87,000 for the entertainment of man vs. beast, beast vs. beast and the

Rome: Day Two — The Court on Top of the Hill

Basketball was never really my sport. I didn't play the game growing up. I didn't play in middle school or high school, not even pick-up games in the neighborhood. But once I got to college the natural competitor in me had to find an outlet. I am not good by