Welcome Lions New First Round Pick

Last night the Matt Patricia-lead Detroit Lions decided to shock everybody with a move that made too much sense. So much sense, in fact, that some Detroit fans were left to wonder if that is what a good draft pick actually looks like.


Simply put, yes it was a good pick. So good, that the Cincinnati Bengals had to follow it up by picking the second best center prospect, Billy Price of Ohio State.

Without further adieu let's introduce the 6'5" center from Arkansas, Frank Ragnow, to the Lions.

New Head Coach Matt Patricia's first line of business is to remove a stat that has been lingering on the Lions for last 68 games: no single running back has reached a 100 rushing yards in a game. Ouch.

Ragnow is Pro Football Focus' All-America first team and best offensive linemen; he will be able to impact the offensive line past the point of depth. and would help out the future of the run game tremendously. The Lions should look to add a feature running back in today's two rounds to give Matt Stafford more than just a new center to protect him, but also a man to hand the ball off to and earn hard yards.